Setting up in business as an Independent Practitioner?

Do you aspire to the freedom and flexibility of a career as an Independent Health and Wellbeing Practitioner?


 We are passionate about helping you to develop your business, enabling you to pursue an independent career and the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

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October and November 2021 


Since our Bootcamps started in March 2020 we have helped over 60 people set up and run successful independent businesses.


Although originally devised as coaching for HR Consultants, our graduates now include Occupational Health Practitioners, Physiotherapists, and Personal Development Coaches. There is no reason why you can't be next! 


In just 6 weeks we can help you take control, gain clarity, and increase confidence so that you can leap into your next chapter; reaching goals, feeling more fulfilled, with a more flexible work-life balance. 


Whether you are looking to leave employment to set up your own business, or have already taken that leap, there are so many questions you will be asking yourself including: 

How do I set up a business? 

What do I charge? 

How do I find private clients? 


We can help you explore these questions and many more. 

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Don't just take it from us! Watch Anna's testimonial video on what she has gained from out Bootcamp - and read her success story on LinkedIn. 

What will I get from the Virtual Bootcamp, and what investment is needed?

The Bootcamp is a 6-week live coach-led online programme that incorporates online video learning modules, live group coaching and private mentoring sessions. 

In addition to building your confidence and the ability to find more clients, this Bootcamp unlocks the tools you need to work smarter, not harder. 

Signing up is only the start of your journey with us. We will hold you accountable so that you get the very best out of the time you spend on the Bootcamp. Believe, achieve, succeed!

Here's what we offer in return:

1:1 clarity zoom call
with Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD, where you will discuss your personal objectives and current professional situation. Value: £150

Comprehensive 5-module online content
Using our training platform you can access these modules remotely. The modules follow the 5 C's Model. This Includes gaining clarity about your services, how to price yourself in the market, brand-building techniques, social media training, income-building, collaboration, accountability plans, all aspects of legal and financial setup, and much more! Value:  £3,500

Live weekly group zoom coaching call
led by Sarah Hamilton-Gill FCIPD with guest expert speakers. Recorded and includes videos. Value: £900

Members-only Facebook group
with regular feedback from Sarah, the team, and your peer group. An essential part of your Bootcamp journey! Value: £750

Two psychometric profiles
with comprehensive reports & feedback. Value: £195

1:1 Clarity coaching calls
with Sarah Hamilton-Gill, You will get 1:1 coaching at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the programme  Value: £450

One month online membership to the 110% Accelerator Club  
A dedicated space focused on your development as an Independent. The Club is informative, collaborative, and fun. There are exclusive webinars with in-house experts and guest speakers, videos, 'how to' guides, templates, and much more! The 100% is what you put in and the 10% is you giving back to the group and helping others grow too! Value: £147

'Leap into HR Consulting' book by Sarah Hamilton-Gill 
Sarah's book compliments your Bootcamp journey and is an essential read for anyone looking to take the leap from the world of employment into the life of an independent practitioner, in any field. This special edition colour version is only available from us and has over 300 pages packed with content and downloadable worksheets. Value: £24.99

Course value: £6,116.99

You pay £1250+VAT* - a saving of £4,589!

*£1,250 for a one-off payment

Or £1,365 for 3 monthly payments of £455

The programme supports the CPD needed by your professional body and is an allowable business expense.

Meet your Business Coach
Sarah Hamilton-Gill 


Sarah is the Founder of the award-winning business GlobusHR Consulting Ltd and creator and Lead Coach for all Bootcamp programmes as well as having trained and taught in Amatsu Therapy for 10 years.

Her family were all in health care, two pharmacists , a physiotherapist and a Regional Health Executive - it's a sector that she has a passion for.

She truly does live what she teaches; She has grown a 7-figure business, two 6-figure businesses, and created a product that sells in 56 countries worldwide.  She achieved her business dreams and now wants to help you do the same.

Of course, she has weathered some severe storms during this time, but they have taught her the strength and knowledge to remain calm in these circumstances. 

"My tried and tested programme works. I know, because it's already worked for countless others before. 

It’s never too late to improve your work-life balance. There are many options available to help you do this if you know where to look, and have the right tools and information.

Let me show you how to improve your career flexibility and life balance, allowing you to live a more fulfilled - and less stressed - life. This includes you as a business owner and Independent Practitioner as well!"

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