Is HR consulting right for you?

Fed up with your corporate job? Want more flexibility and control over your career? Thinking about HR Consulting as your next career move?

If so, then this online, bitesized mini-course will help you to decide whether a career in HR Consulting is right for you.

This short programme will assess your core drivers behind making this shift in your career and help you discover whether you are equipped with the right attributes and background to become a successful HR Consultant. You will gain complete clarity over whether this is the right next step for you and what you should do next to start taking the right steps on this journey.

During this mini-course you will gain access to 6 bite-sized modules which will help you to gain greater clarity and insight into your possible future as a consultant.

These modules include:

  • Your Life Balance Wheel - Gain a greater understanding of your current life balance and make informed decisions, and set meaningful goals to enhance your overall well-being and gain balance in your life before you start to work on your HR Consulting business.
  • Your Motivational Drivers - Understand what your motivational needs are, is an important part of ensuring you are able to maximise your energy and do what you love as an HR Consultant.
  • Finding Your Why - Get to the root of your reason why HR Consulting is the path you want to take. The clearer you are, the more motivated you will be to succeed.
  • Your Self-reflection Questionnaire -  Time to go deep and really reflect on your career and your skills. Do you have the knowledge and capability you need to success? Where might you need to focus and develop your skills and more?
  • Your Strengths Finder - Determine your USP and where you can add the most value to your clients as a Consultant. Who do you want to work with? And, who don't you want to work with?
  • Your Personal Action Plan - What action will you take over the next 30 days? Will you make the leap into HR Consulting? 

You'll also get...

  • Access to our private online community
  • Plus bonus content and information on what steps to take next.

I sincerely hope you find this short course useful in helping you decide what path to take in your HR career and look forward to hearing more about how you get on.

Best wishes

Sarah Hamilton-Gill

£25 plus vat (£30)

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